Floor Machine Pad Drivers and Scrub Brushes for Betco, Mercury, Clarke and more…

A pad driver is the perfect way to clean all kinds of flooring from commercial to residential.  Here at ProFloorMachines we offer the top brands in the floor cleaning business with Betco, Sandia, Mercury, and Clarke.  Considering the different brush styles that are offered for these floor machines, it may be confusing to choose the right product for your needs.  The grit scrub brush is perfect for many different floor applications.  It can be used for stripping floors with excessive dirt and previous wax build up or simply as an everyday scrubbing pad.  Grit brushes are also useful in areas where grout must be cleaned as well.  Contrary to the grit brush which is more heavy duty, polypropylene brushes are a cheaper light to medium duty type of brush.  Polypropylene is really just a fancy name for a specific plastic.  This brush is inexpensive and will work great for day to day maintenance in areas with lighter amounts of dirt and other build up.  The lifespan on polypropylene brushes are somewhat shorter than that of our next brush.  Nylon scrub brushes are perfect for carpet shampooing jobs and for hard flooring too.  They will have a bit more durability than that of a polypropylene brush.  No floor cleaning job would be complete without a polish.  That brings us to our next brush which is the union mix polishing brush.  With heavy duty bristles, it is used generally to spread on polish wax and buff it afterwards.  It is also great to use just as an everyday buffer.  ProFloorMachines has the brushes and machines needed to keep a spotless gleaming floor, whether it’s in a school, hospital, banquet hall, or any other venue and from flooring like tile, marble, to hardwood, and more!  Call 734-466-9767 to speak with our customer service representatives for any more information regarding floor machines and their accessories.  Don’t forget all of our items ship free!

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Sneezing Fit in a Seemingly Clean House? Here’s Why…

Have you ever walked into a home that looks, smells, and seems perfectly clean, but you find yourself almost doubled over with a fit of coughing or sneezing? Odds are, you are reacting to something that could be buried deep in the fiber of the carpet or rug that lines your host’s entryway. While dirt, dust, and grime are quite noticeable on hardwood or tile surfaces, carpets can look deceptively clean even when they are actually quite full of germs, microbes, and dirt. People are rarely aware of just how much particle matter has collected in their carpets, and for allergy sufferers, an unclean rug can wreak havoc.

There are multiple ways to clean a rug and some are more effective than others. Unfortunately, the most commonly used methods are not always the most functional. These methods include sweeping; wiping out spots with a damp cloth or sponge; and vacuuming. The vacuum is the most widely used floor machine for cleaning carpet, and there are a number of brands that purport to clean carpets better than all the rest. However, air suction alone will never achieve the level of cleanliness necessary to insure that your carpet is safe for allergy sufferers, and clean enough to live, work, and play on.

Alternative methods for cleaning carpet cleaning can be divided into two basic categories – dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Dry cleaning can occur via the application of dry compounds that are then scrubbed in and vacuumed up; the application of polymers that cause the dust to clump together in a process called encapsulation, and are then vacuumed up; or the use of a dry foam cleaning chemical and a dry foam machine that uses suction to remove dirt and other particle matter. 

Wet cleaning has become the most popular category of deep cleaning for carpets. Wet cleaning is primarily performed through the use of carpet extractors – floor machines that use a combination of water, heat, and occasionally, cleanser, to clean the carpet. Carpet extractors with heat work by spraying hot water onto a carpet, and then almost immediately vacuuming the water back out of the carpet with a high-powered suction system. This causes the now saturated and dislodged dirt and dust particles to rise up into the machine. For jobs that require more concentrated cleaning, a pretreatment solution can be used on the carpet, or a carpet can be dry-brushed or scrubbed, and then a high pressure extractor can be used. 

There are multiple advantageous to this method of cleaning. The saturation method keeps dust and allergens from rising into the air, and then resettling later. The use of chemical cleaners or shampoos is largely unnecessary, as it is the combination of water and the suction system that do the majority of the work of cleansing the carpet. Finally, carpet extraction rarely requires the additional steps that some dry cleaning methods require. Carpet extraction does require the use of a considerable amount of water and heat, however. It is best to work with a reputable carpet-cleaning service if you choose this method for cleaning your carpets.

Signs That it’s Time to Fire Your Floor Care Company

There is plenty to take into consideration when running a company. Not only do you need to manage your employees, you also have to manage the property and keep everything in good condition. For this reason, you may hire a janitorial company or perhaps a company simply to maintain your floors. 

Floor maintenance is important, as your floors probably receive a ton of foot traffic on a daily basis. Neglecting maintenance can wear surfaces faster, resulting in replacement before you are ready. But even if you find a company to buff, wax, clean or shampoo your floors, you may not be completely happy with their results. 

Don’t settle for less than the best. Here are four reasons to fire your floor care company and look elsewhere. 

1. Work isn’t up to your standards. 

The company hired to maintain your floors may start off providing excellent work. But as time moves forward, the quality of their work may slow down. Despite your many complaints, the company may fail to deliver. You can either deal with their subpar work or look for another company to maintain your floors. 

2. Price increase.

Price increases are the nature of any business. But if a floor company’s price increase doesn’t match up with the quality of their work, or if they take away services, it doesn’t hurt to shop around. Another company may charge far less, but provide so much more. 

3. Don’t show up per agreement

You need a company that’s reliable and prompt – this isn’t asking too much. Things come up, and on occasion, your floor care company may need to reschedule. But if the company habitually misses appointments, or doesn’t bother to call when they’re going to be late, look for a company with a better track record. 

4. Unprofessional

Then again, maybe the company has fair prices and the workers always show up on time. Despite these positives, the customer reps or workers may be rude individuals. If you’re tired to dealing with the ongoing attitude, it might be worth hiring another company – even if this means a slight increase in your price. 

Options Available to You

Once you decide to let go of your present floor care company, several options are available to you. For example, some managers and owners invest in floor machines and handle the jobs themselves. This can save money in the long run, but you’ll need to set aside time every few months. 

If you decide to go with another company, do your research. Get references from others, conduct an online search or check with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, always get quotes from at least three companies. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of professionally-looking floors. This is often the first thing people see when they walk into your establishment. Sticky floors, dirty floors or noticeably scratched floors don’t scream professional.

If your office floors need help, and you believe that floor machines can make a difference, visit www.profloormachines.com and learn about the styles and options available to you.

Floor Machines and Contemporary Cleanliness

Back in medieval times, cleaning the floor, well, cleaning anything truth be told, was not particularly important. At the end of the day in a castle kitchen, some scullery maid would simply throw a few buckets of water on the floor, sweep whatever trash was collected out into the street, and call it a day. The end result was that nothing was ever really clean, and this led to a host of diseases and the occasional plague. When Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister began to espouse the importance of cleanliness and sterilization in the mid-1800s, quality of life and efficacy of medical practice increased, and mortality rates decreased. 

As our understanding of microbiology, germs, and how to maintain appropriate levels of cleanliness grew, various tools were created to help us. For years, the most common ways to clean a floor were via a combination of broom and mop. The broom allowed us to collect dust and any particles that would could “gum up” a mop, or make it difficult to clean a space with water. The mop allowed us to literally wash down an area, in the same way that we would wash our own bodies while bathing. This system made absolute sense, and it is still the way just about everyone cleans their homes to this day.

However, in spaces where multiple people work, live, or play, a simple sweep and mop cleaning regimen will never be enough. There are simply too many factors to control, and too many people coming from a variety of places. Controlling the buildup of germs and illness causing microbes in a space where hundreds of people operate is nearly impossible with only a broom and mop. The discovery of electricity, and the industrial revolution, provided the tools for the development of more effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions. 

Vacuum cleaners changed the way we cleaned carpets, and floor machines completely altered the way we approached cleaning large areas of hardwood, concrete, and tile. Scrubbing on hands and knees had been the cleaning method of choice for many people who had realized that mopping alone was never going to be enough. However, this was time and energy consuming. The invention of floor scrubbers and auto scrubbers made it possible to clean large areas, very well, with very little effort. Walking behind, or even riding on the floor machine, a janitor or maintenance director could scrub down, sanitize, and even dry, the area they were cleaning. 

Fast-forward to today, and floor machines have become necessary tools in all industrial spaces, including schools, hospitals, and large office complexes. They keep common areas clean and free of illness causing agents, and have had a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of workers, school children, and the public in general. Multiple companies focus on providing excellent floor machines to a range of consumers. Mercury Boss floor machinesHercules floor machines, and Betco floor machines are just a few of the brands that are focused on keeping our public spaces clean and healthy. 

We are no longer in medieval times, and we have a far greater understanding of the importance of cleanliness for everyone. Floor machines provide an excellent way for us to maintain an optimal living and working environment. While we may want to throw some water on the floor and sweep it outside like a scullery maid of yore, occasionally, a floor scrubber does a far better job, and is healthier for everyone.

Get Your House Show-Ready

You’re probably excited to put your house on the market. But as you look around your property, you may notice areas that need attention. Before placing your home for sale, it is important that you take care of minor and big repairs. Presenting your home is the best light is crucial to a quick sale, especially if your area has a slow market. Finding a quick buyer can be the difference between moving into your dream home and settling on another property. 

It helps to see your house through another person’s eyes. For example, you can ask your real estate agent to point out things that need attention. If you’re attempting a “for sale by owner,” ask a friend or relative to provide their opinion. 

Modernizing and updating your home is a huge plus. However, you’ll need cash for your down payment and closing costs. And understandably, you may not have extra funds for renovations. Don’t let this stop your improvement efforts. You don’t have to break the bank – there’s plenty you can do with limited cash.

Freshen up your carpets and floors

If potential buyers step foot inside your home and see dirty carpet or un-kept floors, they might turn and go the other way. Okay, maybe this is a stretch. But dirty floors do not make a good first impression. If the person looks at several homes, and the other properties feature new – or at least clean – floors, they may lean toward these properties. 

Even if you can’t replace the carpet or flooring throughout your home, floor machines can improve the look and condition of your floors. Take advantage of floor scrubbers & auto scrubbers, carpet extractors with heat, as well as machines designed to buff and wax floors. 

Give your house a new coat of paint

Nothing can freshen up the interior of a house like a new coat of paint. And if your outside is looking a little rough, consider repainting wood paneling, shutters or your front door. Choose a neutral color for your interior, as these colors are likely to attract more buyers. Are you kitchen cabinets a little outdated? Consider a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. This is a cheap fix for a less-than-modern kitchen. 

Clean the exterior of your home

Industrial power washers can brighten and improve the appearance of your house. Don’t let dirt, mildew, mold and other stains deter from the beauty of your house. Although you may not notice these stains, others will. Home buyers have to envision themselves living in your home. And unfortunately, they can’t do this if your exterior isn’t clean. 

Remove some household items

Moving out furniture and other stuff before you have a buyer might seem pointless. But the less stuff inside your home, the better. Stage your home by moving out large pieces and getting rid of clutter. This helps expand your living space, making your home appear larger, which might appeal to a larger pool of buyers. This often results in a quick bid and a faster sale.

Four Reasons to Hire a Janitorial Company

Most small companies don’t have the cash flow for a full-time janitorial person on payroll. This can create problems, as most people may not clean after themselves. As manager, you may establish guidelines for keeping the office in good condition. And while your employees may have good intentions, their busy schedules may prevent tidying their desks or taking out their trash. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with this common situation.

Some business owners have taken matters into their own hands and have designated a individual to be responsible for the office cleaning. Sometimes, this is an assistant or a receptionist who spends one or two hours a week tidying the office. But if this person maintains a huge work load as well, you may need to hire outside help.

Hiring a janitorial company to maintain the cleanliness of your office has tremendous benefits. Outsourcing this work to a company is by far cheaper than hiring a full-time or part-time janitorial person. With a janitorial company, the frequency of cleanings depends heavily on your needs. For example, some companies require daily cleanings, whereas other companies only need one or two cleanings a week.

Regardless of the frequency, there are four key benefits to hiring a janitorial company.

Keep Office Sanitized

With a janitorial company cleaning your office one or two times a week (or more), your employees will encounter fewer germs and bacteria. The cleaning crew can disinfect your bathrooms, as well as drinking fountains, telephones, desk, keyboards, light switches and door handles. Many disinfecting cleaners kill about 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria. This results in a healthier office, with fewer employees requesting sick time.

No Overflow Trash

If the main dumpsters for your office are located in the back of the building or at another distant location, employees may not regularly take out their trash. As a result, trash can overflow. And if employees leave food or drinks in their personal trash bins, this can create an odor throughout the office. Hiring a janitorial company can remedy this problem. They’ll take the trash out on a regular basis, thus eliminating any unpleasant smells. 

Overall Cleanliness

In addition to empty trash bins and sanitized surfaces, hiring a cleaning company improves the overall cleanliness of your office. Customers and clients who walk into your business will notice dirty floors, dirty windows and dusty desks. Janitorial companies provide general cleaning. They’ll sweep, vacuum and mop floors, plus clean windows and wipe down desks. A cleaner office will not only impress your customers, but improve the productivity of your employees.

Maintain the Condition of Your Floors

Some janitorial companies offer a variety of services. Along with general cleaning, they offer floor care. Maintaining the condition of your floor is important, as this can affect the overall appearance of your office. Whether you have hardwood floors, tile or carpet, professional floor machines used every six to 12 months can remove deep stains. Shampooing carpets can eliminate stale odors, and with hardwood and tile, a professional cleaning can buff scratches, clean grout and restore shine.

How to Keep Floors in the Best Condition

Like most homeowners, you probably look for the best ways to keep your floors in good condition. Even if you keep personal belongings in the proper place, unkept, damaged or dirty floors can detract from the beauty of your house. 

If you’re busy with your family and other personal obligations, maintaining your floors may fall by the wayside. In this situation, it helps to have a cleaning schedule in place for your floors. Regardless of whether you have tile, hardwood or carpet, there are practical ways to stay on top on your floor maintenance. 

To reduce the buildup of dust or dirt on your floors, try and sweep your hard floor surfaces at least once a day – twice if necessary. This not only contributes to the overall cleanliness of your home, but with less particles on the floor, your floors are less susceptible to scratches. If you have carpet, you might spot vacuum every couple of days to remove dust, dirt and allergens. This can greatly reduce symptoms if you or your children deal with allergies. Once a month, vacuum underneath chairs and tables. This also contributes to the overall cleanliness of your home. 

Mopping helps maintain the condition of your floors. You can do this once or twice a week as time allows. Even if you’re unable to mop often, it helps to remove stains and scuffs marks on a daily basis with a damp cloth. This can keep your kitchen, bathrooms and foyer floors looking their best between mopping. Additionally, you might take a toothbrush and periodically clean your grout – especially if you have light-colored grout. 

In addition to daily and weekly maintenance, periodically use floor machines to give your floors a deep cleaning. This is especially important for hard surfaces, as mopping alone isn’t always enough to remove tough stains. Floor machines not only have the ability to clean your floors, but they can buff out scratches and restore your floors to the original condition. 

Use floor machines once or twice a year, or as needed. If your home receives a lot of foot traffic, you may need to use machines in shorter intervals to keep your floors in good condition. There are several ways to achieve newer, better looking floors. Either purchase or rent the equipment and maintain floors yourself, or hire a professional floor cleaning company. If you have carpet, consider carpet cleaning every six months.

Never underestimate the benefits of regular floor maintenance. If you install new floors in your home, regular maintenance can help you get the most from your investment. In most cases, floors that are properly maintained don’t have to be replaced as often. Likewise, keeping floors in good condition can help you command a higher price when you’re ready to sell. Additionally, this can impact how you feel about the home. 

If your home is in poor condition, you may dislike coming home or consider moving into a new house. Simple updates like replacing your floors can change your view. Bring in new floors and you can modernize and completely change the look of your house – which is cheaper than moving into a new place.